My adventure begins with making what at first felt like a difficult decision, which was to take a “career break” and take off to roads untraveled.  As a self-proclaimed “nester”, I would never had thought I would venture far from my comfort zone,  however, the decision was really quite easy and life changing.  Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.  Follow along if you will and see where it leads.  You just may find yourself wanting to step outside your own comfort zone.

3 thoughts on “Kim

  1. Really enjoyed your travel journal and pictures. You both had a wonderful time. Will have to share our Russia river cruise trip when we see you both at our class reunion next year. Have a great holiday.

  2. Glad to have met up with you guys at Jose’s in Chiapas, and had the opportunity to share a few cervezas! We are back in WI now, looking at snow and thinking of where to go next. Have a great rest of your trip! Looking forward to reading about it.
    – Linda and Tony

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