Belize into Mexico

Good bye land of tropical exotic wild life, I will always remember the beautiful jungles and lush mountains and it seems to be one of the more prosperous of the Central American countries we have been in, but we are looking forward to heading back into Mexico.  There are so many things we want to see and miss the food.  Honestly, the food in Central America is interesting but a bit bland after the spices of Mexico.  However, we did learn that there is a big difference between rice and beans and beans and rice.  Rice and beans are made together with coconut milk, whereas beans and rice are made separately and no coconut milk is used.  Thus ends the lesson of the day.  I long for a great fish taco.  The border crossing at Santa Elena was so smooth and took just under 1 hour.  It seems the border crossings going north have been really simple and quick.  It helps that we have crossed at border spots that have not been crowded (need to get there before the tour buses) or we are just getting better at it.  Stopped to see some ruins in Tulum along the way that were worth the stop as they are uniquely located along the ocean.  We spent the first night outside of Tulum at an RV spot that we saw on called Paa Mul or something like that.  Not recommended.  It felt run down, dirty and no internet, even though they advertised it.  The spots for campers was on the dirt and not very nice.  The restaurant closes at 8:00 and they are on a different time zone than the rest of the area around it so we almost missed dinner.  Oh well, on to our actual destination-Cancun for a little pampering and a base to visit the ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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  1. My first visit to Talum and Cancun was 1984 and it was so raw and beautiful, then went back in 2003 and didn’t recognize it. All the development made me sad. I lived in Mexico and loved the food in 2011-2012 and so much of my life there. Have a wonderful adventure!!

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