Toucans-at last!!

We left Altun Ha to head towards Corozal Town where we will spend one last night before crossing into Mexico.  Hate to leave Belize as it is a beautiful country and it was actually good to hear english again.  The road from Altun Ha to the main highway (there are only about 3 main roads in all of Belize, the others are secondary partially paved roads) was a rough ride.  The road was sometimes paved, sometimes rock.  The parts that were paved had potholes big enough to hide a Volkswagen in.  At times the road was only 1 lane wide which made it a challenge when meeting other vehicles and we could only average about 20 miles per hour on the road.  I was hoping to see some wild tapirs because we had crossed several Tapir Crossing signs along the highway.  I had just been looking into the jungle for some kind of wild critters and had said to Bob that there had to be something out there besides mosquitos, when we both saw a toucan flying across the road right in front of us!  I am not sure who was more excited to see it but we were so psyched!  Mark it off my bucket list-now where is that elusive tapir???

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