Amazing country.  We crossed through the border in barely an hour’s time.  There is only 1 border into Belize from Guatemala so we were expecting a line, but there was hardly anyone there on either side.  We found Mana Kai RV and Cabana’s camp site in San Ignacio and spent 3 nights there.  The internet was ok in camp and it has a great outdoor kitchen.  The center of town was just a few blocks away, so we stocked up on groceries and just hung around.  We split a cab with some kids staying at a hostel to go to see the ruins where we had to cross the river on a hand cranked ferry.  We met up with them crossing the ferry back and we all had lunch at Benny’s restaurant.  Great food!  One of my favorite things about this camp site was that we saw green parrots in the trees every morning and evening.  Noisy birds.  There were also wild guineas and toucans, however we did not see the toucans because we got up to late, but we did hear them.  There is a farmers market right across the street and it had vegetables everyday, but on Saturday we experienced market day there and it was the best farmers market I have ever been to.  We left San Ignacio and headed north to see the baboon sanctuary.  It is a sanctuary run by women for a group of howler monkeys (baboons) that live in the jungle there.  Our guide took us into the jungle along the path and we came across a group of howlers that had a little baby along with them.  The guide started a howling contest with the alpha male and it was something you had to hear to understand.  We have some great pictures and a video, but I need stronger internet connection to upload them all.  After the sanctuary we headed to Altun Ha to see the ruins.  We spent the night at a campsite there and the bird watching was good but the bugs were crazy and no real amenities.  We heard toucans, but once again didn’t see any, so they are one thing I guess I won’t mark off my bucket list.

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