costa rica to nicaragua

We love doing the borders without guides/helpers.  Our spanish is so limited, so if you know even the smallest amount of words, you can do it yourself.  Remember these words:  No nessisita ayuda!  That said, we went made it and stayed in a great hotel called Hotel Hex in Esteli, Nicaraguua and then into Honduras and stayed the night in Comayagua at  a decent hotel where we met some Americans who work there for a government contractor.  They made me feel much better about Honduras, as I have always been a bit leery of my safety here.  You may be wondering why we have been staying at hotels recently-answer, our solar has not been working so if we can’t find a campground with electricity when our batteries are low, we need a hotel.  Also, sometimes in a few of these countries, there is not a campsite with electricity. We are so looking forward to getting back into Mexico where we have more camping options.  Anyway, Nicaragua and Honduras are beautiful.  Now into Guatemala and then into Belize.



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