Panama continued

We decided to veer off the main highway and go up to see the waterfall at El Valle, a mountain town about 30 km off the highway.  The road up was winding and very steep-not looking forward to the ride down this mountain, but that will come later.  We went to the water fall, the botanical garden and a zoo.  Very disappointing at the zoo after seeing the monkeys and macaws in the wild as I felt sorry for them, and we didn’t feel this was a very humane zoo.  Definitely not up to the care standards that we are use to in the US.  We decided to have lunch up in the town before making the treck down the mountaintop the highway.  While getting out of the truck, an American guy named Robert came up to us and said that if we hadn’t found lodging for the night, he ran the Windmill Hostal next door and had an area where campers could stay in the back.  By the time we found a nice little restaurant to eat lunch, it was pushing 2pm and decided to go check out the hostal.  What a great find!  All the rooms were full, but the camping area was great.  You can park on the grass and there is electric hookup if you need it by running your electrical cord into a window in the back.  Also has full water and use of the pool, showers, bathrooms and common rooms.  It was $5.00 per person without any hookup and $10.00 per person with hookups.  We would highly recommend this place.  Robert told us of a different way that was not found on our map or GPS to get back on the highway at Penonome that would cut about 40 kms and a couple of hours off our trip and wouldn’t be as steep.  It was the most beautiful drive and we were glad we took it.  It was steeper going up the mountain leaving town that when we came into town, but not as steep going down as it would have been the other way.  Once back on the highway, we saw a least a dozen or so signs warning of monkey and armadillo crossings.  They had the road all torn up for construction, so we didn’t see any, but the signs were fun.  Madde in back to David, Panama and heading across the border into Costa Rica tomorrow.

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  1. Kim and Bob,
    I continue to be impressed with the two of you. What adventures you are having. We love your blog and glad you are keeping in touch. Kim do I sense a monkey in your future for a pet? I can tell you are taken with them. Diane and I are planning our month long trip to Italy in June and early July which seems like a piece of cake compared to your experiences. All the best. Glenn

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