Costa Rica

Oh my, it is beautiful here!  We stead the first couple of nights at a hotel at Lake Arenal, where we found a great bar/restaurant at our hotel that was having a Super Bowl party.  It was a really good time, and we wandered over to the volcano for the day as well.  On our way back from the hotel, we came a cross a huge group of Coatimundi.  I got some great photos of them and will post when I can.  We are heading to Jaco, where Bob’s friend Mark lives to spend some time staying at his house.  On the road to his home, we came across some crocodiles and sat in a restaurant where we were visited by several large iguanas.  While in the pool at Mark’s development in the late afternoon, we saw two Macaws who were squeaking and playing around in the tree behind us.  So cool!  We went zip-lining in the rainforest, which was amazing.  We are going to check out the Manuel Antonio preserve later this week and hopefully see some wild toucans.  We could spend a month just in Costa Rica!

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