This border crossing was very frustrating.  We were cornered by a couple of con artist “guides” who offered to help us get throughout he border.  They kept trying to get us to give them all our original paperwork while we waited in the car and they would take care of it.  Not going to happen!  They tried to get us to do all this stuff we didn’t feel was necessary and we got frustrated after a bit, and took off on them to do it ourselves.  Once we got through the El Salvador side, we went into the Honduras side without any problems.  We stayed in a hotel in Choluteca, Choluteca.  It was ok, nothing fancy, and the floor was filthy, but the bed was clean.  Nothing to note here as I said we are just flying through these last few countries.  The drive to the border was only 30 miles, but took well over an hour because the potholes are big enough to hide a Volkswagen in.  At the border on the Honduras side, we were bound and determined to do it all ourselves.  We had a group of guys who attached themselves to Bob, following him along and he just ignored them.  the guy followed us onto the Nicaragua side and was madder than hell that we would not tip him. He did nothing for us other than tag along after we kept telling him to go away.  The Nicaraguans kicked him out!  On the Nicaraguan side, a really cool kid of about 14 helped us, got us through really fast and never came right out and asked for a tip, so of course we tipped him well.  He was such a professional polite young man and his too little brothers watched the truck for us.  We were ready to adopt these kids!

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