We are trying to get into Costa Rica as soon as possible so that we have somewhere to watch the super bowl, so Guatemala through Nicaragua will be a quick pass through and we will catch more of it on our way back up to the states.  It took us about 2 hours to get through the border check and right before you get to the border we passed through huge Chiquita banana plantations.  By the time we got onto the Guatemala side, wit was starting to get dark, so we needed to get to a hotel pretty quick.  We found a hotel that looks fairly safe for the night, but no restaurant near by.  I grabbed some bread and peanut butter from the truck, and that was our first meal in Guatemala.  The hotel was interesting and when we checked in, they gave us one flat sheet, two towels a bar of soap and a roll of toilet paper.  I put the sheets on the bed and discovered a suspicious looking glob of something on it.  Hmmm… well we flipped the sheet over, scooted the gecko that had fallen from the ceiling onto our bed onto the floor and called it a night.  The second night in Guatemala was spent in Jalpatagua, Jutiapa in the courtyard of an auto hotel.  The armed guard let us use one of the “rooms” bathrooms.  It was pretty busy with people coming and going throughout the evening.  For those of you not familiar with this kind of establishment, they rent by the hour.  The hotel had rooms with a bed and basic bathroom, and each room has a privacy gate in from of it so that you can pull your car in without your wife finding you:)  Then you do your business, pay for the time you used the room, and leave.  It was pretty busy from about 3pm to 9pm, then quite the rest of the night.

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