We were torn on which route to take after leaving Cholula to head towards Costa Rica-across to Palenque, which is a must do on our list, or down through Oaxaca.  Since Oaxaca seems to be a quicker route, we decided to  head there and hit Palenque on the way back home.  We took the toll road as we got a late start and it was pretty uneventful and not as much culture to see, until…we came across our first “road block”.  At one of the toll booths, protestors had taken over the toll booth.  Some women were protesting something, not sure what, but I got a good picture of them.  They started at 100 pesos, but went down to 5.  We did not pay.  None of them spoke english, so after trying to talk us into giving them some money, they finally gave up and let us through.  At the next toll booth, there were more protestors, but this time they seemed more determined and one spoke english.  We asked what they were protesting and he said it was a strike-not sure what about.  Reluctantly, we gave them 50 pesos to get through.  Since the toll would have been 60 pesos, we were still better off financially.  Here is why I do not like to pay these people:  If they are collecting an average of 50 pesos per every 3rd car, that is a lot of pesos per day and what do they actually do with the money??  I think all it does is encourage this kind of extortion and gives all sorts of groups incentive to hold you up along the road.  Most of our fellow travelers would not agree-but I would rather buy something from them off the street of my own free will then be held captive until I pay.  Although I will say, the 2nd group was very polite and not thanked us for ur “donation” to their cause.  We found a great RV park that was not in Church and Church.  It is out on the website ioverlander.com though.  The park is in El Tule and is called Overland Oasis.  They prefer overlanders, not snowbirds who want to stay several months.  It was a little bit smaller than most, but a great place run by 2 Canadians, Leanne and Calvin.  Great hosts, decent wifi and the best bathroom/shower we have encountered.  I would have to say it may e cleaner than the one in my house:)  While here, we visited Arbol de Tule, a 2,000 year old cypress that is 164 feet high and 161 feet in circumference.  This is said to make it the largest tree in the world.  WE also visited Oaxaca Centro and went to Monte Alban to see the ruins.  They were impressive.  Uploading pictures is killing my wifi connection right now, so those will  have to wait.  Pushing on to Guatamala which should take us about 2-3 days.

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  1. Hopefully the Italians will not do the road toll takeover, but then the government there seems to do a good job extorting money anyway. Glad all is well. You seem to be having a great time.

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