Very difficult finding Las America’s RV park in Cholula.  It was going pretty good for a while.  Our GPS, going forward to be referred to as Bitching Betty, was taking us right there along with using our trusty camping book.  However, the book and Betty didn’t account for road construction.  After recalculating about 6 times, Betty gave up and just wouldn’t talk to us anymore.  Somehow, we finally found it-still not sure how.  The park is nice, but kind of small.  Wi-fi works if you use it near the front gate by the fountain.  There is also a Lavanderia about 1/2 block away.  Some nice Canadians staying near us were heading into Puebla Centro for the day and invited us along to join them as they have a tow vehicle.  So we were able to go into the city without taking a taxi, as our vehicle would be hard to handle in the city.  Have you noticed how often I reference nice Canadians?  We run into Canadians at almost every place we  have been and they are the most friendly, helpful travelers we  have ever met.  When we got back to camp, we stopped and picked up our laundry, got prescriptions filled and decided to catch a movie.  We went to see “Let’s be Cops”, kind of a stupid comedy, but it was in English with Spanish subtitles, so it was fun.  After the movie, we saw that our fellow campers, two groups from France and our Canadian friends, were in the common room having drinks and chatting, so we joined them for a bit.  Off to see the pyramid in Cholula tomorrow.  Pictures will follow.


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