US Adventures-is there any sunshine?

We have not had a sunny day since Palenque, Mexico.  We had rain in Catemaco, San Miguel de Allende, and Guanajuato.  We crossed into Texas expecting sunshine, but none to be had.  It rained all through Texas, but we managed have a great time anyway.  We spent a few days in San Antonio, where we visited the Alamo, strolled along River Walk, and just had a great time.  There are many beautiful sites to see in the US and we plan to enjoy our trip to the fullest.  We managed to find two decent campsites in Texas despite the rain in Georgetown and  Mansfield.  The only time it wasn’t raining was when we set up camp and when we broke camp. Ah well, Texas was beautiful anyway.  It also rained all through Oklahoma, where we stayed in a campground in Cedar Valley.  These campgrounds were very full of huge RVs that made us fill so tiny!  Campgrounds in the US are definitely different than in Mexico and Central America.  They are full of people, but no one leaves their spot or speaks to other people.  Oh well, maybe it is the rain.  We finally saw sunshine halfway into Kansas and it felt so good.  Who would have thought that Kansas in March would be the warmest, driest spot since the Yucatan?  We didn’t stay in Kansas but made a stop in Henderson Nebraska, where it is still warm and sunny.  The first day of Spring and we see a Robin, which as anyone from Nebraska knows is the first sign of spring.  I was, to say the least, very excited when we crossed the Nebraska border, which is my home state.  I am sure Bob will feel the same way when we cross into North Dakota.

While in Nebraska, we are going to stop by to see Carhenge.  If you don’t know what this is, google it.  There is a place in Nebraska where cars are stacked up to resemble Stonehenge.  I will post pictures.  Who knows, maybe a couple of hundred years from now, this will be as ancient a mystery as visiting the Ruins of Mexico.  We will not make it over to see the largest ball of twine in the world (a specific type of twine, believe it or not there are other big balls of twine out there.  Bob thought it was in Dassel, Minnesota).  As I said, there are some interesting things to see in the US and we plan to see all the weird, wacky and historical things we can along the way.  Heading on to Deadwood, South Dakota.

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