Border crossing into the US

This is the one border crossing that we are least concerned about as we know what is needed to get out of Mexico and getting into the US should be easier since we know the language.  We anticipate that the rig will be searched thoroughly, but are not too concerned about that as we got rid of all the things you cannot bring in.  Other than waiting our turn, we should breeze right through.

We knew we wanted to cross over in Texas so that we could go through San Antonio.  We had heard from several sources that the Colombia crossing near Laredo was a good one to go through and one of our fellow campers gave us the coordinates.  I plugged the coordinates into the GPS and we were on our way.  As we got closer to Laredo, I started getting concerned that the coordinates were a bit off, and sure enough they were.  We were not at the Colombia crossing we were at the Laredo II bridge.  Oh well, we will just take this one.

Somehow, we wound up totally bypassing the Mexican migration and aduana buildings and found ourselves on the bridge in line to go through US customs.  This was a two hour wait as we are at the wrong bridge and there is heavy traffic here.  The agents at the US border pulled us aside and told us we would have to go back through to Mexico in order to get our vehicle import sticker cancelled and turn in our visas.  If we didn’t cancel the vehicle permit, we would not get our $350.00 deposit back.  Of course, they still had to process us into the US side and as predicted, our vehicle was searched.  We had to take everything out of it so they could throughly search it with the dog.  After they got through with us, we went back through to Mexico and found the Colombia crossing using a paper map (not GPS).  This was the quickest crossing every.  I think it took us maybe 15 minutes total and they did not search the vehicle.  Urgg!  Oh well, we were now in the US.

Since we had to go through the border twice, it threw our timing off and I was sick with a bad sore throat and cold so we didn’t make it into San Antonio the first night.  But we did make it there the next day and spent two nights there.  We had a great time at the Alamo, strolling through RiverWalk and riding one of the tour boats.  There is a lot to see in the US and we are going to enjoy the trip up through Nebraska, North Dakota and then home to Arizona.

We bought a book of US campsites and stayed in Georgetown Texas at our first US campground.  I’m still sick and can’t talk, which is giving Bob a well deserved break.  I will post some great pictures when we get home where the WiFi signal is strong and I have a bit more time.



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  1. Welcome home, so to speak. Sorry Kim you are not well. Good luck healing and have journeys to you in the US.

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